Friendly Attitudes

KDub Productions puts a priority on getting along with guests and hosts/performers alike.  Yeah, problems happen, but the guests and hosts should never even know it happened.  We just want to be pals!

Expert Work

Every electrician we employ is licensed and certified, with years of experience. Every piece of gear we own is under warranty, and we have redundancy for pretty much everything...with us at all times.  That means we have spare cables, microphones, mixing boards, laptops, hard drives, name it.

Whatever your project, we've got the experience

Industry-best Quality

We have never cut corners on a job, and we never will.  All of our equipment is purchased new, from direct Industry dealers.  Nothing but the best.  On particularly larger shows, we use communications equipment to keep the whole team in contact and NSync (pun intended :)

Our portfolio of projects is second to none

We've done shows for everything from the smallest of birthday parties to NHL and MLB games and Conventions.  We can do it all.

KDub Productions is constantly attempting to improve our services and capabilities, because you can never be the 100% best at anything, but we try to stay as close to that goal as possible.

Big or small, ideally Mid-west U.S.A., but we can go anywhere in the U.S.A. or Internationally, for a price.

Accurate Estimates

Our experience enables us to quickly and accurately assess your production needs.